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length against Trevelyan Js body, and commanded, "Come
on out!"

Another man, pistol in hand, flung himself against the
door, driving it violently from Trevelyan's grasp.

Trevelyan stepped slowly forward. His hands rose with a
retarded, groping motion above his head.

The woman's voice called sharply from the interior dark,
"Harris! Harris I"

" What do you want?" Trevelyan asked.

" Come on out," one of the men ordered.

The woman's voice called, more shrilly, "Harris!"

" Shet up!" Trevelyan called back over his shoulder. Then,
turning his head slowly toward the men, " What you aimen to
do?" No one answered him. He stood there, naked except
for a pair of overalls hitched over one shoulder, and peered at
the men. *' What you aimen to do?" he repeated.

" Start moving," Mr. Munn said.

"Kin I git my shoes?" Trevelyan said.

"Start moving," Mr. Munn ordered.

They walked rapidly toward the gate, Trevelyan in front
and the two men with pistols holding the muzzles against
the flesh of his back. They had reached the gate when the
woman called again, from the doorway now. In the darkness
of the doorway, she was visible only as a blurred and un-
formed patch of lighter colour. "Harris!" she called.
"Where you going, Harris?"

"You git back," he told her, not turning his head.

She came out into the yard, hesitating about halfway to
the gate, and calling, "Harris! Harris!"

The two men who had gone to the rear of the house came
running across the yard to join the group. They passed
within fifteen feet of the woman.

" Tie him," Mr. Munn said.

They tied Trevelyan's hands behind him, pushed him
into a saddle, and mounted. The man on whose horse
Trevelyan sat got up behind another man.

Before the last man was up, the woman ran across the yard,